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Why Sell With Me?

Let me be your guide every step of the way

Detailed Market Analysis For Your Home

Don't be fooled by on-line valuations of home prices or any agent who says they can tell you your home value without seeing it.  At best, it is a very rough approximation.  What is the interior condition?   How is the lot located?  Ae there views?  Busy streets?  How does your home compare to those in the neighborhood (size, condition, location). I have seen 2 homes with the same exact floor plan on eash side of a street - one was worth $150,000 more than the other because of the lot.  I will do a detailed market analysis of your home only after seeing it and discuss in detail a pricing strategy with you.

First Steps in Maximizing Your Profit

What will help your home sell for top dollar?  It isn't as easy as saying "update everything."  Some remodeling projects never get their money back.  Others are worth the investment.  Just as important, variables like the location, price, market, and neighborhood dictate how to maximize profit.  Update the bathroom?  Maybe.  New kitchens typically add value, but what if your home is an an area where most buyers are first-time buyers?  Will your updates price you out of the neighborhood?  I will go through with you room by room and offer suggestions, often ones that cost little to no money,  that are unique to your home and location based on my expertise fixing and flipping homes.  I know how to maximize value because I am out there doing it myself with homes and out with buyers listening to exactly what they desire in different towns and neighborhoods.

Why an Internet Presence is Critical

According to the National Association of Realtors, 99% of Millenial buyers use the internet to find a home and they are now the largest generation of home buyers.  The Front Range of Colorado is unique.  There is a lot of mobility up and down the corridor, yet there are multiple MLS systems.  Many agents belong to only one MLS.  I belong to PPAR and metrolist Denver meaning your home is visible to any buyer from Pueblo to Fort Collins.  With me your home is

  • Listed on both PPAR and Metrolist MLS system to ensure maximum exposure 
  • Syndicated out to all websites such as Zillow and
  • Promoted on my personal websites and EXIT Realty websites
  • Promoted on craigslist
  • Promoted through social media with ads on Facebook and Google.

More Buyers = More Money

It seems so simple - the more exposure your home has, the more potential buyers, and the greater likelihood of maximizing profit from the sale.  Exposure on the internet isn't enough.  What will people see when they look at your listing?  Professional HD images and a virtual tour are standard.  Sign riders, like these in the picture, attached to the listing sign allow me to capture potential buyers and communicate with them directly as they text for more information on your home.  A professional write-up, after pictures, was listed in a 2018 NAR study as the 2nd most helpful tool for home buyers when looking at homes.  Open houses, especially if marketed online, can also generate interest and get more buyers through the door.

As Buyers Look at The Home

It can be the little things.  Signs that highlight the key features in a home so a buyer doesn't miss something.  Professional flyers.  Preparedness to answer and anticipate questions from buyer agents.  School information.  Knowledge on any past latent defects with the home that need to be disclosed.  Are there red flags noticeable to potential buyers and later the inspector? Proper permits? Polybutylene piping? Peeling exterior paint if trying to attract VA buyers? Anticipating issues ahead of time is key to saving time, money, and lowering stress in the sale of a home.  

Professional Consultation and Representation

  • Continual communication - from feedback on showings to responses to marketing ads.
  • Someone who listens and understands the local housing market and can explain the pitfalls and consequences of every decision from pricing to how to deal with multiple offers to the advantages/disadvantages of buyer loan types.
  •  Someone who can explain to you how the contracts in Colorado are buyer friendly and why that is important as a seller to know. 
  • If you are in pre-foreclosure, someone who can walk you through all of your rights and options. 
  • You work with me through the entire transaction.  You are never handed over to an assistant.  I'm not trying to be the biggest, but instead focus on individual client satisfaction.