Not Ready or Able to Buy? Consider Renting with the Option to Buy!

  • Perfect for renters who need time to improve their credit scores to qualify for a loan or a loan with better terms
  • Perfect for people who need or want to save money on a down payment
  • Excellent choice for people serving in the military who may be stationed for an unknown length of time
  • Coming from out of state and unsure if you want to buy right away?

I partner with Home Partners of America - a company that allows people to rent for 1-5 year lease terms.  At any time after the first year and through the 5th year, the renter can choose to purchase the home at a price pre-determined at the time of the original lease.  The renter is never under any obligation to have to purchase the home.  The only requirement is a 1 year rental lease. 

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  • Household income $45,000+
  • Stable employment
  • No bankruptcies or evictions
  • Criminal background check
  • Credit scores and debt-to-income ratios will be analyzed

What kind of home?

  • In Colordo Springs, most homes on the market priced under $400,000.
  • In metro Denver, most homes up to $500,000 are eligible.
  • Single-family homes and townhouses.  No condos.

Down Payment

  • Typically 2 months rent.  
  • At the end of any 1 year lease term, the deposit is returned to you should you choose not to renew.
  • Lease term: 1 year and renewable up to 5 years total.
  • No obligation to buy

Current Listings of Homes Available

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