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Looking at Investment or 2nd Properties?

A Proven Track Record With Investors

  • Finding the right property to invest in is the cornerstone to success.
  • Knowing the geographic factors that make certain areas better for investments.
  • Know what to fix based on buyer demands in the town / neighborhood.
  • Experience in finding investments off-market, at auction, and on the MLS
  • Advice on the many pitfalls that can lead to serious financial problems with investment properties.
  • Knowledge on a wide geographic area. The homes below cover more than 100 miles.

Castle Pines, CO - sold 10/25/16   $538,474

                                -sold 04/25/17  $805,000

Profit after all expenses: $110,000

Conifer, CO - sold 11/1/2016   $244,125

                      - sold 4/7/2017   $355,000

Profit after all expenses: $76,000

Colorado Springs, CO - sold 10/5/2017    $331,000

                                        - sold 2/2/2018      $433,650

Profit after all expenses: $75,000

Monument, CO - sold 3/30/2018  $385,000

                             - sold 7/30/2018   $464,500

Profit after all expenses: $56,000