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Colorado School Information

The Colorado Department of Education ranks school districts in five categories from "Accredited with Distinction" (the highest category)

to "Accredited with Turnaround Plan" (the lowest category). As a former K-12 teacher, I know the importance of individual schools and school 

districts for home buyers.  A number of studies have shown a correlation between school performance and home prices.

-- Colorado Springs / El Paso county school district map

-- Metro Denver school district map

Colorado School District Rankings

Along the Front Range from Colorado Springs to Denver, here are the "accredited with distinction" districts.

  • Cheyenne Mountain 12 - Colorado Springs
  • Academy 20 - Colorado Springs
  • Lewis Palmer 38 - Monument
  • Littleton 6 - south metro Denver
  • Manitou Springs 14 - Manitou Springs
  • Boulder Valley 2 - NW metro Denver

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Crime Rates

Contacting local police departments is your best resource, but if you are looking for an easy site to compare crime rates by zip codes start here.  Input any address or zip code and see maps and use the chart feature to analyze 10 different crime categories.

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Colorado Springs Natural Hazard Interactive Map

Landslides, expansive soils, floods, and wildfires are all real risks along Colorado's Front Range.  Input any address in El Paso county to assess the natural hazard risks.

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